Drop forging and Ring Rolling

Several production lines to satisfy every requirement

Steel drop forging is carried out on several production lines consisting of induction ovens -used for the initial raw material heating phase- mechanical presses and preforming hammers -that allow to preshape the steel according to the profile to be obtained- and forging hammers -for the obtaining of the final particular product commissioned by the client.

The forgings that can be obtained with close die range from a minimum of 10 kg to a maximum of 1000 kg and rolled rings from 400mm to 1500 mm diameters.

From CAD development to the creation of the dies

Palmieri Tools Forging has specialized technical staff who, thanks to the wide experience matured throughout the years and the unquestionable creativeness, studies the feasibility of the forging together with the customer by elaborating the technical drawing of the raw element and of course by submitting it to the customer for approval.

During the following stage, by means of the most modern and updated CAD and 3D prototyping systems, they organize design and internal construction of all dies and equipment required for the creation of the elements ordered by the customer.

Raw materials

an assorted warehouse for immediate availability

The production procedure begins from the accurate selection of the types of steel to be used, according to quality and section.

Palmieri Tools Forging has a warehouse stock of about 6.000 tons of steel which is constantly restocked (alloyed, carbon, stainless…), a strong point that allows to optimize the service given to the customer thanks to the immediate availability of raw material that is obviously produced by the best Italian, European and Worldwide steelworks.

It is always ready on stock:

  • Alloyed steel
  • Carbon steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Heat-treatable, cementation and nitriding steel
  • Low sulfur carbon steel
  • ZF1A and other specifically approved steels

Heat Treatment

The heat treatment department has 5 gas furnaces and 2 tanks with different polymers concentrations.

Quenching & tempering, isothermal annealing, normalizing and stress relieving treatment are all internal processes with a fully automatic capacity of 10. 000 tons.

All processes are supervised by the metallurgical laboratory through destructive and non-destructive microstructure tests.

Quality Control

All forging and machining stages include strict internal controls that allow to control the entire transformation and processing of raw materials, allowing the company to improve the quality of its products on an ongoing basis. The metallurgical laboratory, which is in charge of such controls, is equipped for performing non-destructive tests and destructive tests.


After any heat treatment the raw elements can be machined internally thanks to the machining department.

This is organized in robotized islands and is exclusively dedicated to machining. Its vast and assorted range of machine tools such as several types of lathes and numerically controlled machining centers, milling, gear cutting and large size boring machines enables Palmieri Tools Forging to offer its customers finished elements ready for assembly.