This year Palmieri Group has decided to make Christmas even more special with a significant donation to Telethon.  A gesture that underlines the importance given by the company to corporate social responsibility and the well-being of the community.

For the Emilian reality – today reliable partner of all the most important international players in the civil engineering sector – create even stronger and deeper connections by funding scientific research on genetic diseases is one of the best ways to illuminate Christmas with a message of solidarity and hope.

Telethon is in fact much more than just a fundraiser; it is a tangible commitment to improve the lives of those living with muscular dystrophy and neuromuscular pathologies, a project that aims to decipher the genetic mysteries of these diseases, develop innovative therapies and offer tangible hope for the future.

Wrapped in this spirit of hope and sharing we want to thank our customers, partners and collaborators around the world and wish them happy holidays!

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