Created and managed by the Palmieri family since 1972, Palmieri Group is today a reliable partner of all the most important international players, guaranteeing technologically advanced solutions in many civil engineering sectors.

True Italian uniqueness, the group is able to control the entire production chain: from the purchase of steel to forging, from assembly to the creation of the finished product.

This strength is guaranteed by the presence of specific Business Units, capable of ensuring complete and constant control of each process, confirming an overall process entirely signed by Palmieri.

Palmieri Group: world leader in the forging, tunneling and drilling sector

The history of Palmieri Group was born over 50 years ago from the idea of ​​Silvano Palmieri, entrepreneur and founder of the homonymous company located in the Bolognese Apennines.

Indeed, it is thanks to his determination that a company specialized in the production and distribution of spare parts has evolved over the years into a world leader in the design and construction of cutting equipment for digging tunnels and mine shafts.

Today, Palmieri Group manufactures durable machines and tools, combining tradition, quality and innovation: the entire production process is insourced – just as Palmieri wanted half a century ago – to guarantee and certify the properties of each point or joint.

Palmieri spa and Palmieri Tools Forging 

The first company of the group, Palmieri spa was founded about 50 years ago as a manufacturer of cutting tools and grew rapidly, subsequently expanding its operations in various sectors. 

Today it is the world leader in the Cutter segment: in fact, it offers a complete range of products for all soil conditions and drilling applications, as well as the construction of complete machines and tailor-made projects.

Palmieri Tools Forging is the other diamond from Palmieri Group’s centennial experience and a reliable partner for numerous international industrial groups.

Born in 1908 as a manufacturer of equipment for the agricultural sector, in 1938 it directed its production towards the construction and marketing of drive shafts for trucks and motor vehicles.

At the end of the sixties, Palmieri Tools Forging definitively abandoned the construction of drive shafts, only to dedicate itself to the production of hot forged steel parts on behalf of third parties.

Today it is able to supply both semi-finished and finished products and with its 100 years of experience, it represents a reliable partner for numerous international industrial groups.  

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