The 2023 edition of the Hannover Messe, the most important European fair in the field of automation and industry, which every spring takes over the homonymous exhibition space in the German city, recently closed. 

For several years, industrial transformation, digitization and sustainability have been the main themes addressed during the exhibition: companies are in fact going through a complex and important period of change, characterized by a strong interest in innovation and respect for the environment.

In the last two editions, after the forced break due to the pandemic, Hannover Messe has experienced a gentle return to normality, registering a considerable number of exhibitors and visitors, satisfied and pleased to finally find themselves in attendance.

Hannover Messe: history, changes and new horizons

Founded in 1947 at the behest of the Lower Saxony Minister of Economy and the city director, the Hannover exhibition center has experienced growing international success over the years in the fields of industry and automation. 

Since its inception, the Hannover fair has implemented and facilitated a profitable connection between the industrial realities present by focusing on the deepening of five key themes:

– industrial automation and computer techniques

– energy and environmental technologies

– supplies for industry

– production and service provision technologies

– research and development

Furthermore, given the enormous popularity and visibility of the Hannover Messe, since 1980 the fair has annually identified a partner country to which it should pay more attention. For decades, this opportunity has stimulated the presence of European companies at the German fair, an exceptional springboard for deepening commercial relations with other countries.

This year the visitors’ attention was focused on Indonesia and on the introduction of enabling technologies in the production chain of the Asian state.

Forums, initiatives and conferences explored the current and future industrial situation, focusing on the key issues of change, digitization and sustainability.

After the halt due to the pandemic, this year the Hannover Messe once again achieved an extraordinary number of participants: over 4,000 exhibitors met around 130,000 visitors from all over the world, confirming the interest shown in the German industrial fair.

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